Emanuele Milazzo

Emanuele Milazzo

Cannabis aktivist

Cannabis Cura Sicilia Social Club

Über Emanuele Milazzo

Emanuele Milazzo was born in Sicily 26 years a go in the beautiful city of Messina. After his Bachelor degree in International Relations, he moved first to Germany, in the Goethe University of Frankfurt am Main and than to Utrecht and Nijmegen in The Netherlands to improve his experience and focus on his studies and learn new languages. He’s now the Secretary and co-founder of Cannabis Cura Sicilia, the only active and disobedient CSC in Italy, he collaborates actively with the European Network of Cannabis Activists through ENCOD and other realities. The network and community are the keys of success, that’s why the Cannabis Social Club could represent the best example of an alternative to prohibition policies.


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